The following FAQ’s will answer most questions one might have about Our Products. If you don’t see anything that helps you please contact us at and we will address it as soon as possible.

Purchasing Sample Anatomy Products:

Q: I've paid, where is my download!?

A: To make purchases in our online store you will create a user account. When this is done you will have a button on your account page named downloads. Click the downloads button and you will have immediate acesss to any downloadable products you have purchased. You may down load your products up to 3 times.

Q: What Format do Sample Anatomy products come in?

A: Sample Anatomy products are available in digital download format all files are 24bit .wav files . They are compatible for most DAW’s on both Windows and MAC operating systems.

Q: How many downloads am I allowed for my purchase?

A: You are allowed 3 number ofdownloads, and to use the product on 3 number of Computers.

Q: What does “Royalty Free” use mean in plain terms?

A: At Sample Anatomy Royalty Free use means that you do not own the rights to the products you purchase, but you can use them in your own unique artistic ability in your productions for private or commercial use.

Q: Can I share my Sample Anatomy product with others, like to collaborate on a project ?

A: Yes and No, Your license does not allow you to copy, torrent, or file share network or make public the original sample Anatomy content. You can send bounced original tracks that have been created using Sample Anatomy products to anyone the world.

Q: My hard drive crashed and I need a fresh download, how do I get a new one?

A: If you are a registered user, contact us at and we will then confirm and give you information to download a replacement copy.

Q: Do you offer Educational Discounts?

A: We do, contact us at and we will contact you with details of the program.

Q. Can I use these samples to create a new sample pack?

A. Yes and No, you can't just copy and rename the files to create a new product but you can use the samples to create new unique sounds which then you own.

Q: Can I listen to demo sounds or download demos of Sample Anatomy products?

A: Our products have Soundcloud players embedded into each product page. Just click the item and the player is located at the bottom. Alternatively you can go here to our Soundcloud page to listen to our product demos there.

Q: I’m an electronic music producer, how can I get my samples/loops on the Sample AnatomyLabel? How do I send a demo?

A: Sample Anatomy is always looking to find and bring in the newest, and freshest Electronic Dance Music content from around the world. If you'd like to submit your demo, please contact us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.